Andersen Landscape Maintenance

Lubbock Lawn Care and Weed Control

Andersen Landscape in Lubbock, Texas, provides more than a basic lawn care or weed control package. We have a tried and true, tested and proven weed control service that allows you to have a pristine and professional lawn at the cost of doing it yourself! Our goal is always to help you have a beautiful, weed free lawn at a price point you can afford. We promise to make sure that your lawn is cared for and weeds are removed and prevented. Andersen Landscape offers our six-step program at do it yourself prices so you can worry less about your yard and focus more on living your life!

A Professional Lawn Care Program at a


January- February

Pre-emergent / Post-emergent application

March- May

Pre-emergent / Post-emergent & Fertilization

June- July

Fertilizer & Grub Control

July- August


September- October

Pre-emergent / Post-emergent application

November- December


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